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Creampie Stories

When we got back to the room for one of our creampie stories, she showed me the fur-lined cuffs she had bought. There were four, one for each ankle or wrist. They also has short leads, so I could (and did) link her ankles to her wrists. She had thought ahead, and brought scarves that I could use to tie her ankles/wrists to the bed's legs. Her cunt and ass were open for my pleasure, and the new ball-gag she bought ensured that she wouldn't complain.

With her head on the mattress, I had violated her pussy and ass with my tongue and cock. I deliberately held off on my orgasm for over an hour, until her openings were gaping from hard usage. Jamie's cunt was dripping girl cum, looking like sap dripping from a maple tree. Eventually, I filled her with a night's worth of semen, then sucking it out.

It was incredibly fulfilling for both of us. Jamie loves the freedom of being restrained and unable to deny herself the pleasure I give her. She came nearly continuously at one point, for ten minutes. I like the calculating aspect of giving her what she wants, but framing it the guise of "taking" it from her. Its a total headgame, but we both love creampie stories.

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